The main advantages of the use of drones is the spatial precision with which the data is taken and the temporal availability of the same. It allows efficient water management, localized herbicide treatments, plant counting, and early detection of pests.


First, an analysis is carried out using digital applications designed to improve farm management. These are multiplatform, so that they can be used from any electronic device, and can be accessed with different user profiles within each farm. Its innovative technology is based on:

● Satellite data (multispectral and radar).
● Meteorological data (AEMET and other sources).
● Drone data (RGB, multispectral and thermal).
● Data from sensors installed in the field (ambient temperature/humidity, soil moisture, etc).


Once the data is obtained after the analysis, the digitization of the farm is carried out, with a characterization report. Some of the tasks that are carried out are the delineation of the plots/management units, detailed topography, inventory of trees, a study of surface hydrology, soil characterization, among others.


The information obtained allows exhaustive monitoring of the evolution of plantations at all levels: soil-weather-plant.

With the use of sensorization we can detect in real time nutritional deficiencies or any soil problem caused by environmental or biotic factors, or incorrect treatment of the soil. As well as the identification of pests and diseases before they spread through the crop.

The continuous monitoring of variables such as soil moisture level, plant condition, production decrease in a crop, or nitrate deficiency allows the application of fertilizers, phytosanitary treatments and avoids water waste.


From the data obtained, a precise technical report is generated, which includes the evolution of the plantation, the recommendation of irrigation, fertilization, and application of phytosanitary products.

This allows the improvement and advancement of the agricultural productive sector, thanks to the optimization of costs and crop efficiency.

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