The enthusiasm for what we do, the acquired knowledge and experience support us to offer
a unique and quality service.


We are a young company but with a lot of experience. Our technical staff is highly qualified with specific training in drones in several ATO schools. We are professionals in aeronautical advice and consulting, with a multidisciplinary team and in continuous learning.

Our experience has allowed us to know perfectly at a technical level methods, formalities and steps to obtain authorizations, permits and coordinators with the State Agency for Aviation Safety (AESA).

As a result of this continuous work, we have coordinated drone operations within a controlled airspace and airport environment for civil and military ATSP providers, flights over building agglomerations and night operations, and coordination with other agencies involved in drone operations.

Every day we strive and provide the knowledge and experience that this sector needs as it presents a lot of information and administrative handicaps.


To offer advice and quality services, complying with the procedures and current regulation, to ensure the success of our client.



We belong to the aeronautical sector, so we must be very demanding with our work. For this reason, we personally take care of strict compliance with current regulations, ensuring the achievement of our clients' projects.

The value of people

The work we do every day would not be possible without our team, which has the experience and knowledge that this sector requires. With our capacity for work and critical analysis, we focus every day on meeting the client's expectations, being in continuous growth and development, to always offer a quality and personalized service.


Our relationship with the client is based on a direct and continuous treatment, being transparent from the beginning to meet their expectations, in order to ensure our integrity and forge lasting relationships with them.


For us the most important thing is customer satisfaction, the main axis of our company. Every day we strive and work to achieve all their goals. We get involved to the maximum, offering fast and effective solutions to any situation.

We work by and for the client, with experience and quality.

UAS Gestión y Consultoría

Take advantage of all the benefits offered by UAS Gestión y Consultoría, thanks to the aeronautical consultancy solutions.